Moda Herringbone Collection – 135 x 540 x 5mm

A cost-effective solution for those seeking an iconic yet understated Herringbone floor.

Echoing the coastal and woodland landscapes of Scandinavia Moda Herringbone consists of a myriad of neutral, brown/grey tones interspersed with naturally occurring, colour and grain.

The Moda Herringbone Collection has the added advantage of being registered embossed, making it a high spec, rigid core SPC, at a very economical price.

Herringbone floors create opulent kudos to any room and have been heralded into the limelight by design-led spaces. The Moda Herringbone Collection is exquisitely subtle giving an updated and on trend vibe to this timeless classic.

The Moda Herringbone Collection

A cost-effective solution for those seeking an elegant yet understated Herringbone floor.