Ibrido floors are constructed to endure so they are resilient by their nature however there are still measures that you need to take in order to ensure the very best performance from your floor. It is also important that you keep to these guidelines in order to uphold the warranty on your floor.


A good quality doormat (non rubber backed) placed at all entrances to the outdoors will help to catch dirt and grit. Please ensure any other rubber products such as pet bowl mats and welly boot mats are checked to ensure you do not use those containing antioxidants as they can cause discolouration to the floor over prolonged periods of time.


Keep floors clean by regular sweeping with a soft broom, clean with a well rung mop or dampened cloth. Check the suitability of vacuum cleaners with manufacturers in order to prevent scratching occurring from sharp or worn edges.


Clear up spillages quickly to avoid any staining and slip hazards.


Regularly clean the floor with Dr Schutz Floor Cleaner R1000 or their PU cleaner. Both products need to be diluted as per the instructions on the packaging and applied to the floor with a hand held spray bottle then cleaned with a well rung mop or a washable cloth pad mop. Both products can also be applied to the floor and cleaned with a spray mop.


Use furniture pads to protect furniture legs from scratching your floor. Use castors under larger items to help protect the floor.


Avoid dragging furniture or sharp items across the floor. Always lift and carefully re-place items.


Maintenance of pet’s claws can reduce the appearance of fine scratches over time.


Use appropriate shading to protect the floor from intense, prolonged periods of direct sunlight so as to avoid the risk of causing fading over time.


Always follow the full cleaning and care advice for your floor. Use of any products other than those specified can cause damage to your floor, never use bleach or washing up liquids etc as they can also cause slip hazards as well as permanent damage.